Why You Should Pursue a Career in Plumbing

The general description of a plumber is one who assembles, installs, and repairs residential and commercial drainage pipes. It is much more than that though – plumbers protect society by making sure there is proper access to safe and clean water for all.

The level of pride and value that comes with being a plumber, not to mention the high salary, has caught the attention of more and more young adults and new career explorers over the last few years. If you’ve been thinking about what to do with your career, whether you’re just getting started or switching to something new, check out these five reasons why you should pursue a career in plumbing.


1 – Jumpstart/Restart Your Career & Life

Getting started on the path to a career in plumbing is more achievable than ever – no matter the situation, personal background or financial status. Plumbing doesn’t require a college degree and pre-apprenticeship training can start as young as 16 years old.

Plumbing is a perfect option for restarting and rebuilding a stable, secure career that provides great benefits and great pay. Most plumbers start out making around $50,000 a year – that’s $15,000 more than the typical entry level salary of other industries!

2 – Many Opportunities to Customize Your Career Path

You’ll be surprised to find out most of the industry leaders were once plumbers. The CEO of that large commercial construction company you’d like to work for was once an apprentice themselves! Do you see yourself in upper management overseeing dozens of employees? Maybe you are destined to perfect your craft and train other people about tools and installations?

Plumbing isn’t all about fixing toilets – there are endless opportunities to climb the ladder and there’s many directions to go! Whether you’ve worked in sales, engineering, or as an educator, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to carve out your own career path through plumbing.

3 – Employer Sponsored Training

If you’re over 18 and have a high school diploma or GED, you should consider becoming a plumbing apprentice. The training as an apprentice is arguably the most effective method to master the skills you need to thrive in the trade all without little to no cost to you.

Unlike going to college, the contractor you work for, your employer, pays for your training program or apprenticeship. This “Earn While You Learn” method usually takes four to five years to complete both on-the-job training and technical expertise. No college loans required and you’re student debt free!

The on-the-job apprenticeship normally involves fixing water pipes, systems, and other parts like fixtures while learning about safety regulations and plumbing codes. In addition, you learn to analyze blueprints, structural physics, mathematical and chemistry drafts.

4 – Become a Licensed Professional

Once you complete a training program or apprenticeship, you’ll be able to get a license. After that, you can begin your journey in the plumbing work with no supervision whatsoever. However, it will be your responsibility to submit required forms and pay the necessary fees to get your license to practice in California.

If you want to reach even higher, you can then apply for a master plumber certification – the journeyman. Becoming a journeyman involves taking an exam, following standard state practices and renewing the certification when required.

5 – Demonstrate Your Leadership

Once you are a licensed professional, you can establish your own business and hire subcontractors to help you out.

Becoming a business owner can position you as an industry leader and open up new paths such as serving on a board of directors and being a job creator, providing career opportunities to the community. Be seen as an inspiration for the next generation starting out like you once were!