How P-H-C Employers and Owners Can Adapt to Today’s Changing Industry Standards

The playing field for plumbing/HVAC contractors is changing at a fast pace and seems to speed up every year – successful, smart employers and business owners know how to keep up with the demands and ensure their staff will stay competitive in the industry. 

Read on to learn about five additional ways employers and owners can adapt to the changes of today’s industry…

1- Be the Leader People Expect You To Be

Today, leaders have to not only be at the height of their skill as a contractor, but also be knowledgeable of other business operations that include time management, communication, marketing, project goals and more.

More importantly, being a leader means being able to motivate employees during a challenge. Great leaders are passionate and know how to be intuitive to understand their employees and what drives them. Keeping project and business goals in mind, finding solutions that keep all aspects balanced helps employees feel supported and heard while moving the company forward.

2 – Humility Goes a Long Way

Professional business etiquette is changing. Successful leaders have perfected the art of humility and do not hesitate to acknowledge a human-error. Once upon a time, it might be a weakness, but not anymore. It shows that you can work with a team and can selflessly contribute to the team.

3 – Adopt to Modern Communication Tools

With new technological advancements always on the horizon, employers and owners cannot afford to lose communication. 

You might have noticed how successful companies have bridged the communication gap with their clients and workers. That’s mainly because they have implemented technology into their business operations – in addition to tools, equipment and gear, employees are given apps that are now required as part of their job.

Apps are helping to build trust between apprentices, employees, managers and owners while streamlining business operations. Having one central location that isn’t email is an easy way to assign tasks, update job statuses, schedule jobs and send messages to individuals, groups or the whole company.

4 – Persistence is the Key

Contrary to misguided perception, you should not confuse cooperation with compromise. In addition, no one knows more than experienced employers and owners that tough times require tough measures. Your ability to be resilient and not give up will help you adjust to the industry standards for a long time.

5 – Show More Flexibility and Innovation

The game is not what it used to be – plumbing/HVAC employers and owners have to be more disciplined than ever. Today’s successful industry leaders have to tread the water carefully between risk and reward both on and off the work site.

The fastest way to show innovation is through customer service and it’s not just over the phone. Embrace digital marketing like social media and email marketing campaigns to demonstrate your optimal customer service. Similarly, flexibility is all about making changes at the right time and not losing sight of the big picture.