Technology That Needs to Be Built Into Your Marketing Strategy

Marketing can be difficult, especially if you’re a small business still building a customer base. That’s why it is important to incorporate technology into your marketing strategy from the start. You’ll primarily want to focus on technology that helps gather data so that you can determine the effectiveness of your marketing strategies and plan your efforts around your target audience. Here are three types of technology you’ll want to implement in your marketing strategy.


Collecting data doesn’t do you much good if you can’t understand it. This is where analytics comes in. Analytics software helps track and organize your consumer data. This includes indicating how much of your website traffic comes from advertisements, people naturally frequenting your site by going directly to the page, web searches, promotional links that you provide or post and social media. Being able to analyze what directs the most traffic to your website can help you strategize what kind of marketing is most effective and how to best lean into your strengths.

Location Tracking

Location tracking can be a very profitable, yet somewhat controversial, form of data acquisition. You essentially gather data from the geolocation of your potential customer’s smartphone, using it to send targeted ads at just the right time. For example, if someone frequently visits home improvement stores, he or she may be a good target to market to for a plumbing service. Be sure to follow geotargeting tips to help you get the best of your strategy. You can incorporate geotargeting into how you market yourself online through search engines as well. You can use location-specific keywords to ensure that your business appears high in the search results for people in your local area and use geo-fencing to only deliver your ads to people within a certain radius of your business and location-specific landing pages to provide the most relevant information and services to your customers.

Banner Ads

While it may not seem like the best option, banner ads are surprisingly effective in increasing business. While people might not be jumping to click on banner ads, their main benefit is they keep your business in the mind of the consumer. Banner ads combined with tracking techniques to display relevant ads to people who have recently visited your site can ensure your business stays in the back of their mind should they need a product or service.

Using these types of technology, you can optimize your marketing and sustain a steady flow of business. Constantly evaluating your marketing is important to make sure you put the most work and resources into the types of marketing that yield the highest returns, so regularly revise your marketing strategy based on your analytics.

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