How Apprentices Can Build Trust with their Contractor

Plumbing is not what it used to be – today’s established contractors are thriving in the industry because of the endless project opportunities, so the question that plumbing apprentices should ask is, how can they build trust with the contractor while on these lucrative jobs?

It’s easy – be a valuable asset to the contractor! Training, communicating effectively, staying motivated and being dedicated not only helps to further an apprentice’s career, but also builds a level of trust that ensures project success and job security.

Here’s five simple things apprentices can start doing right now to build trust with their contractor.


1 – Understand the Role of Plumbing in Commercial Construction

Plumbing is an essential part of every commercial construction project. By understanding how plumbing fits into the beginning of a project, apprentices can help contractors lay out the complex foundational mechanisms that are integral to completing the job on time and within budget.

An apprentice can be valuable by being knowledgeable of safety laws and regulations, stay prepared for multiple types of work and ready to perform the required work, from pipework to fixtures, with careful precision and attentiveness.

2 – Assist with Sales

Understanding that sales isn’t about upselling a customer – but rather providing stellar service and nurturing the customer relationship – is the best way an apprentice can be valuable and contribute to their company’s sales goals. Don’t solely think about giving a good sales pitch.

In addition to job performance, an apprentice needs to focus on helping the customer understand the work that’s being performed in a way that the customer can understand.  Communication makes all the difference to building a tribe of loyal customers – the key ingredient for additional service opportunities and new customer referrals.

3 – Be Yourself, but Maintain Professionalism

Apprentices should view every meeting, industry event, interview and customer interaction as an opportunity to build their network. It’s also an opportunity to leave a good first impression on behalf of the contractor. If you have a sense of humor, let that shine through when working with a customer – just be sure to stay tasteful and refrain from anything inappropriate.

Always smile and be courteous regardless of how stressful the problem – or the customer/client – may be. Staying positive and solution oriented with clients and customers helps create an authentic connection that they will associate with the contractor’s company.

4 – Utilize Visual Communication

An experienced contractor will tell you how today’s customers want tech-oriented visual representation. That means utilize today’s technology like email and apps to inform about a project’s progress and manage the project overall.

An apprentice can be valuable by sending photos of all receipts and before and after progress updates of the project on behalf of the contractor. It builds trust between the apprentice and contractor by lightening up the contractor’s work load while establishing a relationship between the contractor and customer. When everyone knows where the money is going, it establishes trustworthiness for a long time.

5 – Learn to Love Your Work

It’s normal to experience bad days, but deep down, an apprentice should still have a strong drive to offer the best service and to learn as much as they can. This dedicated attitude, or love, about the trade will always stand out and contractors will notice the commitment to being a high caliber plumber.

Luckily, the more responsibilities an apprentice takes on, the more their mind opens to new possibilities. Ask a young apprentice what makes plumbing so desirable and “always something new to do and learn” is part of their response. Stay inquisitive!


Final Thoughts: Get More Tips

With these five easy things, a plumbing apprentice should be able to develop a chain of communication and trust almost immediately. But what does excellent communication exactly mean? It’s about being honest. It’s about having an open mind to accept new challenges about a project.